Unit 11: Intelligence

This is all the information that you need for Unit 11. It includes the note taking guides, homework assignments and Power Point notes.

This is the note taking guide for Chapter 11.

This is the Power Point for Chapter 11

This is the Crash Course Video you can use to review your knowledge of the theories of intelligence.

This is the Crash Course Video (Brains vs. Bias) It discusses the elements of a good test and cultural biases

Here are some practice test questions
This is the reading assignment for Unit 11.

This is some additional practice you can do.
Here is some additional practice dealing with the normal curve

This is the Review Worksheet for Unit 7 and Unit 11.
This is the Multiple Intelligences Project

This is the sample CER (Spearman's g). Examine it so you know how to do the others.
This is the Howard Gardner CER (multiple intelligences)
This is the Robert Sternberg CER (Triarchic Theory of intelligence)